Saturday, February 28, 2009

Madea and Hitch

Well, another day has gone by. That's how it works I guess. Today was an interesting day. Once again, it started at midnight with a few things going on. My friend was in town and we played the game Even More Contraptions. It's part of the Incredible Machine series. That's where one makes Rube Goldberg Machines on a computer in order to do certain tasks. (Rube Goldberg machines are awesome by the way, a bunch of simple machines working together to do a small task, sweet.)
Well, that was eventful. Afterward I slept for more hours than usual and then watched part of the movie Surf's Up. An excellent cartoon if I do say so myself. Later on I watched the first rugby game I can remember. It was pretty cool, and super exciting, but I don't know if I want to play... (I tried once and almost hurt myself up pretty bad. I'll feel better when I have my confirmed safety.)
Well that was fun, but now on to the meat of my day. I went and saw the movie Madea Goes to Jail. This of course is a Tyler Perry movie. My second, and it's been quite a while. However, today I went to a theater that appeals to audiences that like that kind of movie. Alright, I'll be honest, I was a white guy sitting as the only one in a black theater. Frankly, it was one of the best experiences of my life. The amount of interaction with the movie entertained me immensely. I'm the kind of person that laughs out loud a lot during movies, and likes to lean over every once in a while to whomever's with me and share my opinion on some little aspect of the movie.
Moving on, it was not only an excellent film, but my experience in the theater was amazing. I may start going to black movies in black theaters more often.
Oh and then tonight I watched Hitch. Of course that is one of my favorite movies ever, because not only is Will Smith one of the best actors EVER, but that movie goes to show that people fall in love with who you really are, rather than someone you're trying to be.
I know this seems to be getting pretty deep for a blog, especially considering the kind of stuff I like to talk about, but heck, depth is just as important as information. I should do this more often. Wow, no one is probably reading this, great. Way to waste your time Chris.
Well goodbye nobody.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Scarlett Johansson is in 2nd

Well, I don't know how long it is until anyone will read this, but I guess we'll find out.
Today was a normal day. It started at midnight, as all days do, with me watching the movie In Good Company (I don't know whether that's supposed to be italicized or underlined or anything, but heck, it's a blog, no one cares. Anyways, it's a good movie. Scarlett Johansson of course is the second prettiest woman in the world (second to Jenna Fischer, Pam from the office) and so I had an excellent time watching her do various Scarlett things such as falling in love with someone she's not allowed to be in love with. Topher Grace is also a cool dude, he kind of gets type-casted because he's a wimp, except in Spider-Man 3, but hey, whatever brings in the dough, right?
All in all I highly recommend this film, whether you take my advice or not is your choice.
Oh, and Dennis Quaid is in it too. He's cool. Old, but cool. Like Albus Dumbledore.
Going on with my day. I slept for a few hours. I went to class (I'm in college). I played some videogames. I lifeguarded. I started a blog.
Well, that's about it.
Bai Bai